None of the Above

Comics and conlusions from a chaotic mind.

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If I was House, she was Cuddy; she was the boss no matter how smart I tried to be.

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I wonder if the dealer of my drugs will give me a discount for the pot on Sunday since it is both 4/20 and Easter.

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Since Monday, 7am to Wednesday 11pm (64 hrs, approx) I have:

  • Slept 10 hours.
  • Played bass for two hours. Straight. Three times.
  • Worked 20 hours.
  • Voluntarily spent 6 hours with people outside my apartment.
  • Spent 4 hours on homework.
  • Finally figured out WTF was wrong with my iPhone and iTunes (2 hours).

Throw in the miscellaneous cleaning, traveling, chores, life in general, etc. here and there, and you’ve got me.

You wanna know how I did it? Because I do, considering I’ve been fueled by no more than 6 cups of coffee, two McDonald’s cheeseburgers, some chips, a home-made sausage egg and cheese wrap thingy, a home-made Nutella cookie, a glass of orange juice, and….hold on, what was that last thing? I remember it being very important in assisting me to even stand…

Oh, yeah!

30 mg of Adderall and 50 mg of Vyvanse because there was no way I was going to be able to get anything done without being drugged out of my ADHD mind with enough stimulants to send anyone else to the moon.

This is the biggest crash I have ever had and it feels terrible. I am literally leaking out my eyes (not to be confused with crying, because that would imply that I’m emoting on something), shaking, achey and sore all over, I feel nauseous and hungry, I’ve got a killer migraine, and I actually literally can’t even. 

How thoughtful and kind of me to spend the little bit of naturally occurring energy in my body to blog about the woes of prescribed medication on the body of a highly-stressed twenty-three year-old.